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Weight Loss: Month Something or Other

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

I’ve been pretty remiss about updating you all on my weight loss saga these past couple of months. Sorry about that. Things started really well with a good amount coming off, but then slowed down a bit. Now, instead of doing a month by month count of how much weight I’ve lost, I’d rather just give you a total amount thus far.

Total Weight Loss (since April 2005): 30lbs

Yeah baby, 30 god damn pounds! My goal is to lose another five before the year ends, but we’ll see how that goes. I’ve started this exercise DVD and it’s pretty good… I just have to be consistent with it …which is tough.

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Isondill /

Congrats on this Josh. I’m glad your weight loss plan has been working for you. :)

sutter /

all you gotta do is start ice skating more! falling down actually burns 1000 calories! (or so i have just decided)

Joshua Lane /

What about falling down when ice skating ISN’T involved? Because I could do that too if it helps!

Jared /

You can fall down stairs. Since each step is like a separate instance, you’ll burn, like, 12000 calories.

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