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Weight Loss: Month 5

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

I’ve officially come to the end of month #5 of my weight loss regime and things are still going slowly. As with last month, I only lost a uninspiring 2lbs. I am SOOO not making it onto any of those weight loss infomercials as a “success story”.

  • April: 5lbs (DONE!)
  • May: 5lbs (DONE!)
  • June: 5lbs (…was hoping for 10)
  • July: 2lbs (ughhhh)
  • August: 2lbs (double ughhhh)
  • September: 5lbs (please, dear god, please)
  • October: 5lbs (I hope, I hope)

I’m really going to try and get back in this for September. Honest.

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your brotha /

hey josh, That’s awesome to see the overall results with this goal of yours. I was thinking, and maybe a possible way for extra motivation is by giving yourself a reward if you meet your goal for each month. For example, think of something easy to buy that you have been wanting or meaning to get, and then set that as your reward only if you meet the goal for that given month. Don’t know if that will add for motivation, but it’s worth a shot. Keep it though, sounds like your doing very well overall for losing the weight. See ya

marie /

I think what’s happening to you happens to anyone who is losing weight, especially losing it the RIGHT way, meaning slowly like how you are.

The weight loss is faster in the beginning then starts to slow. The only thing to do is factor in some exercise now(or MORE than you normally do). I’ve known a couple people who’ve experienced exactly what you’re talking about and they continued to lose a good amount of weight once they started working out.

Good luck!! Keep up the good work.

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