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Weight Loss: Month 4

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

Month 4 of my weight loss has come to a close and my stupid, piece of crap body isn’t doing what I WANT IT TO. My total weight loss for this month is 2lbs… TWO POUNDS!! That is really not going to cut it. I need to do better.

  • April: 5lbs (DONE!)
  • May: 5lbs (DONE!)
  • June: 5lbs (…was hoping for 10)
  • July: 2lbs (ughhhh)
  • August: 5lbs (let’s see if I can get back into this)
  • September: 5lbs (consistent is good)
  • October: 5lbs (more of the same)

It’s pretty obvious now that I can’t just rely on the increased walking to help me loose weight. My body has gotten used to it, and therefore, I need to add more exercise if I want to keep loosing more weight. If I can get back up to 5lbs a month, then I’ll have lost 30lbs by the time my friends’ wedding takes place. My goal was 45lbs… but I’ll settle for 30 …NO LESS!!

You hear me body!? NO LESS.

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Randy /

Everybody is different, but a few years ago I dropped about 45 pounds. I drastically reduced carbs (not Atkins though) because I was a carboholic. I started eating breakfast (something I had never done). I ate my final meal of the day around 4pm, rarely later. Walking helped, but sometimes I had to ratchet up the walking to twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening). Periodically I’d even fast a few days just to toss my body a change. Hang tough. You seem to be doing great. Keep it up!

Matt /

I can’t just rely on the increased walking to help me loose weight. My body has gotten used to it…

You mean (gasp) you’re getting in shape?

What the hell were you thinking!

tigerous /

Well, I changed my diet rather drastically back around the end of May. I nearly completely stopped dringking pop. Now I drink almost nothing but water. Sometimes I might have a little pop, but not often. I’m considerably more likely to throw in some Calcium enriched orange juice. Anyway, I also started counting calories (I use this website Calorie-Count to keep track of my diet). I try to keep my diet just under 2000 calories a day now. I’ve successfully lost nearly 30 pounds since May 24. Now I just need to start using our excercise bike more regularly again. I cut back on it about two months ago because the heat hear has been rather unbearable. We have been running our air conditioning non-stop and it’s still hot. Luckily, it’s starting to cool down again, so hopefully I can back into exercising more regularly.

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