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Weight Loss: Month 3

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

Month 3 of my weight loss (and subsequent tracking) has come to a close and sadly, I’m not happy. DAMN YOU body, what’s your problem!? I was shooting for a loss of 10lbs, but only made it to 5. Let’s take a look at the scoreboard…

  • April: 5lbs (DONE!)
  • May: 5lbs (DONE!)
  • June: 5lbs (…was hoping for 10)
  • July: 10lbs (Based on June, this is going to be difficult)
  • August: 10lbs (Maybe I’ll be on a roll by this time?)
  • September: 5lbs (…a short roll)
  • October: 5lbs (this will be tough as I get closer to normal weight and size)

My overall goal is to lose 45lbs by the end of October. I’ve lost 15lbs total so I’m doing okay, but I definitely have to change things if I want to reach my goal. Part of that will be to try and exercise more (walking is great, but I could be doing more).

Eating healthier is also something I should look into. I don’t eat that badly, but I’m sure I could cut out certain things in my diet that would help. I’m looking at you pizza… sweet delicious pizza.

…this is going to be tough

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Taleeya /

Hey Josh, even if 10 pounds was your goal…5 is still good! think of it this way, you would have either weighed the same, weighed more (hey, especially with a new girl… restraunts and stuff) or weighed less. And you weigh less!

Have you ever thought of an exercise DVD? There is pretty much something for everyone in them.

Joshua Lane /

I ordered a DVD a while ago (basic exercise routines, no equipment needed), but I just haven’t gotten around to starting it yet.

Jeff Louella /

I’ve been trying to lose 2 pounds a week until December. I’m on week 3 now and I lost 5 lbs. 1 lb short of my goal of 6lbs. I made an excel spreadsheet with my current weight and my desired weight and I break it down week to week up until my goal weight. If all goes good, I will be fitting in cloths from like 8 years ago and yes, I still have some I have been holding on to just for the day I could fit into them again. :)

Joshua Lane /

Good luck Jeff! I’m starting to fit into old clothes and it’s pretty cool. Sadly, I’ve started to hit a little bit of a wall with my weight loss. The exercise is the same, but the weight loss is becoming less. I think I might need to increase my exercise or at least vary the routine a little bit.

tigerous /

I’ve been using this site Calorie-Count. It lets me keep track of what I am eating and my exercise too. I have found it very useful.

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