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Weight Loss: Month 1

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

I’ve been in Philly now for a solid month and have (thus far) lost 5 pounds due to all the walking I’m doing. My diet has remained pretty much the same, so that wouldn’t be a factor in the weight loss. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with how this is looking.

The way I see it, since I was only working part time in Philly during the month of April, that meant that I was only walking part time too. So, when the new job at Pixelworthy moves to full time in June, my walking will move to full time as well. So I’ve given myself the following goals for the next several months and will track my progress here on the blog…

  • Month of April: 5lbs (DONE!)
  • Month of May: 5lbs (…working on it)
  • Month of June: 10lbs (this will be interesting)
  • Month of July: 10lbs (possible?)
  • Month of August: 5lbs (as muscle starts to replace fat, less weight is lost)
  • Month of September: 5lbs (same as prior month)
  • Month of October: 5lbs (we’ll see…)

All of this is leading up to the October 22nd wedding of two very dear friends of mine. Basically, I want to look GOOD for that wedding. And if everything goes according to my plan above, I’ll have lost a total of 45lbs by then. And that would be awesome!

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Greg /

I’m sure that fruit you ate has contributed to the weight loss? Hmmm?

broskie /

Sounds like a plan…Just don’t become a vegan whatever you do. Catch ya lata

Joshua Lane /

I’m sure that fruit you ate has contributed to the weight loss? Hmmm?

Ugh, don’t remind me.

Dave /

Funny, you could do some running int he early hours even. I’m doin a PEP and I find running in the mornings is really relaxing and helps me focus.

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