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Losing Weight

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

Some of you might remember my adventures in losing weight from the NewInPhilly blog. All told, I ended up losing ~40lbs that year. In anticipation of my 10-year high school reunion this October, I’ve decided to start up again. This time around I’m joining up with Colin Devroe and crew for “the diet”. Technically, I won’t actually be “dieting” per se, but I am going to watch what I eat and exercise a lot more.

  • Current Weight: 227.6lbs
  • Goal Weight: 200lbs
  • “Good Enough” Weight: under 210lbs
  • Deadline: October

I really would like to get down to 200. Given that my deadline is October, I only have 4 full months to pull it off… which averages out to ~6lbs per month. That’s pretty do-able, but I have to stay consistent with my exercise and not cheat.

Wish me luck! And wish everyone else luck too!

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Colin D. Devroe /

That is definitely attainable, as my goals are strikingly similar.

Good luck!

Mike Stickel /

Absolutely possible, especially considering most people say losing 2lbs per week is the healthy way to lose weight.

Quickly doing the math… carry the 9… add the square root… You even have a 2lb. per month flex if all goes well.

Dan Mall /

Good luck, JMFL! Soon enough, it’ll be Josh “Mighty Fine” Lane.

Joshua Lane /

Good luck, JMFL! Soon enough, it’ll be Josh “Mighty Fine” Lane.

… you mean, it’s not already??

Kevin Nocoins /

GOOD LUCK! you can do it! If you would like to borrow a bike to get some excersize, just let me know.

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