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Losing Weight: Week 2

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

As previously mentioned, I’m currently trying to lose a few pounds as part of “the diet“. When I last did this on the NewInPhilly blog, I would provide an update once every month or so. That worked out pretty well, but this time around updates are coming weekly. So, here’s where things stand…

  • Starting Weight: 227.6lbs
  • Current Weight: 228.8lbs (AHHHH!)
  • Goal Weight: 200lbs
  • “Good Enough” Weight: under 210lbs
  • Deadline: October

Hooray, I’ve gained 1.2lbs! Ugh. Eating pizza on Thursday… and Friday might have had something to do with it. I know, not the best idea in the world.

This next week I’m hoping to get in some more exercise… maybe do some more walking and try to bring my lunch to work a few times as opposed to eating out.

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Colin D. Devroe /

Ok, many of us experienced a set back. This week, we have to go at it with even more fervor than last…

Tim Crowe /

Yeah boy! bringin’ your lunch. That’s the way to do it. A healthy sandwich, a piece of fruit and a yogurt would do you well. No more Twix and yoohoo. Yeah, I’m watching you.

Patricia /

I’ve been blogging about my weight loss journey siince February and I’m amazed at how helpful it’s been. The few people who I’ve shared the link with have been incredibly supportive, but I think what’s doing the trick for me now is that I have a record of my successes and obstacles. There’s no way to rewrite history and make excuses for my less than stellar choices now. Oooh boy!

I’m enjoying the Dietlog. It’s been great reading about so many people going through the same thing.

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