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Losing Weight: Revisited

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

Stupid body! Why won’t it do what I tell it to??? It’s like a petulant child that says “okay” when it’s told to be nice to its sibling. Except, 5 minutes later he/she is throwing gum in the other’s hair. I’m not sure how that analogy works with weight loss, but every time I tell my body to lose weight it doesn’t wanna listen. Stupid body!

ANYWAYS… I haven’t written about my ongoing saga with weight loss for a while, so I felt it was time for an update …or lack of one. Whatever. The last time we talked about this subject, it was about a year ago and my weight was 226.6lbs. As of this morning, my weight was 210.2lbs. I’ve lost 16.4lbs in a year… not the greatest of progress, but decent I guess.

Unfortunately, I’ve kinda hit a wall with my weight loss and in order to REALLY get into shape, I need to start doing more targeted exercises. For example, because I walk a lot, my legs are pretty much fine. But my arms are kinda wimpy and I have a bit of weight in the mid-section still to lose. So, rather than try to do this on my own and end up hurting myself, I’ve decided to join a gym and get a personal trainer. I’m not trying to get crazy ripped or anything, but I just want to get into shape and I want to make sure I do it right.  Plus, it’s really hard to motivate myself to exercise.  But, if I have someone else helping to motivate me (and knowing that I’m paying $xxx for it)… well, that works a little better.

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patricia /

I worked with a personal trainer for 3 months last year; while it was expensive, it was completely worth it. In an ideal world, we’d be accountable only to ourselves, but knowing that I had a set appointment where someone was going to help me through the exercises was a good way to ensure that I actually did the work. I would have continued it for another month or two except, well, like I said, the expense was a consideration.

SuMMer /

I’m going to be supportive as long as this quest doesn’t put an end to our traditional pizza feasts in Trannytown. I’m just saying. You’ve got to have priorities.

Blake /

I had the same story four years ago. Struggling to lose weight. I was very fortunate to meet a trainer that helped me out quite a bit. It cost some money, but it was worth it, because I he taught me how to change my eating and training habits. It’s all about changing your life, not just dieting hardcore for a couple months. That’s why I could never do it before. It feels like you’re trying to climb a mountain. Rather, it was the minor adjustments in my life that mattered.

1) Dedicate an hour per day, three days a week, strictly for working out. Doesn’t matter what you do. Just do something. You’ll learn how to train properly with time. After awhile bump it up to four times a week. Then five. I’ve never gone above five. You need to keep some days off for sanity’s sake.

2) Cut out small things in your diet. Best place to start is cutting out bread and heavy starches after 5pm. Your metabolism slows down after that time, so the less carbs you intake the better. Your best bet is to get yourself on a salad & chicken for dinner diet. But don’t stress that. Little steps.

3) Mental attitude. Being frustrated about what you aren’t doing can really drag you down. This should actually be point 1. Adjust your attitude to focus on small goals. Going to the gym more. Eating less calories. Set small goals.

hope this helps.

CrackWilding /

I tracked every calorie I ate for six months, setting myself a limit of 1500 per day. I went from 245 to 190. Thus, I am a strong believer in a totally mechanistic view of weight: burn more than you put in, you will lose weight, no matter what the calorie source, or when, or what you do to burn it. EOF

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