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Hello, 198lbs

Joshua Lane / / 13 Comments

When I was in college, I weighed about 185/190lbs. I wasn’t super skinny or anything, but was a pretty normal size for someone 6’0″ tall. Soon after college (2000/2001), I started my first “professional” job… in other words, I sat on my butt all day. During my year or so there, I gained about 10/15lbs. After the .com bust (hooray!), I moved on to another job where I sat on my butt some more… 3 years more to be exact! By the time 2005 rolled around, I weighed about 270lbs. UGH!!

Fast-forward 3 years (to earlier this morning) and I officially weigh 198lbs. It’s the first time I’ve been under 200lbs in probably 6 years. Yes, I shed a tear or two. How did I lose 75+lbs? I walked a lot. Selling my car and living in a city helped force me to walk more, but that’s pretty much all I did… I walked a lot.

Before & After Photo

Left: Fall 1999 | Middle: July 2004 | Right: March 2008

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Joshua Blount /


I’m a 6’3″ kind of guy that went from 180 to 260 in the course of the past 7 years (same story, the internets made me a fat!) and I just saw 258 after pushing 270 for 2 months, so I’m on the front end of that swing. It’s good to hear that it can be done.

Colin Devroe /

I think you knew I’d be here to congratulate you! Nicely done, keep it up.

Jeff Croft /

That’s awesome, man. Congrats! You looked great at Southby. Your ass was so supple. Err, I mean…anyway.

Yeah, congrats. And that’s awesome that you did it mostly by walking. No real drastic diet change?

Cecil Rudd /

Congratulation! I remember when you were just new in Philly, now your new in your body! Keep up the good work.

Greg Hoy /

When we hired you you looked like the middle picture. I’m trying to shed a few myself right now, so I’ll use JMFL as my inspiration. Way to go!

Patricia /

Congratulations! That’s quite an achievement. And a great endorsement for walking, which never gets the credit it deserves for being a viable way to lose weight.

Jared Christensen /

Rock on, man. I admire people who work hard at physical fitness goals, because I am a total slacker in that area. Keep on being a loser! :D

Joshua Lane /

Thanks for the congratulations everyone!!! Just wait until I lose another 75lbs and weight 120… HOT!!

Wait… maybe that’s not a good idea… :|

Mason Wendell /

Seriously great accomplishment. I’ve never known you as a heavy dude, just a handsome one. Congratulations.

Joshua Lane /

@Jeff Croft – No real drastic diet change. Although, I’m sure I probably eat a little better than I used to. No conscious diet change, though.

And you looked pretty at SXSW good, too ;)

Ryan Brill /

Am I the only one who thinks he looks totally bad ass in the left pic? :D

I’m more working on the muscle fitness. An upcoming wedding with a beach honeymoon has a way of motivating ya…

Bainbridge /

Hellz yea brotha! I think you weigh less then me now! LOL. I need to come visit so we can party! Congrats again!

verbal /

wow. mad respect. you rock.

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