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Thoughts On Traveling

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

I’ve got a couple of posts to make about my recent trip to San Francisco. Before I get into those, however, I’d like to share some observations I made while traveling to and from that city. So, enjoy…

1) The San Francisco airport is MUCH cleaner than the Philadelphia airport. COME ON guys… ever heard of a vacuum!? Seriously, the carpet in the Philly airport was nasty.

2) United Airlines SUCKS. There was NO ROOM for my legs at all on my flight. And on the return trip, when the guy in front of me decided to recline ALL THE WAY BACK… yeah, that was comfy. Oh, but since it’s a 5-hr flight (non-stop), at least they offer you $5 snack lunches. You have to PAY $5 for your meal on the plane!? No wonder they’re in bankruptcy right now. I will never fly that airline again.

3) In addition to the $400 I spent on my plane tickets, I spent another $100 just on cab rides to and from the Philadelphia and San Francisco airports. Next time, I will take the cheaper “shuttle” services.

4) Why does everyone on the plane bring LARGE BAGS with them. I mean, seriously… why didn’t you just CHECK IT IN!? It didn’t make any sense to me. On my flight out to SF, the overhead bins were filled to capacity.

5) Getting sick on the plane isn’t any fun at all. In fact, it’s down right uncomfortable and inconvenient.

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Glenn /

United is terrible. I too have had really bad experiences on their flights. I would recommend Jet Blue for any continental flights. However, I’m not sure they fly out of Philadelphia so that might not help you out. I highly recommend them though.

Joshua Lane /

Sadly, Jet Blue doesn’t fly out of Philly. I’m headed back out to SF in October and plan to try out Southwest Airlines. I’ve heard good things about them.

Greg Hoy /

Hey, Mr. Negativepants!

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