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Settling In

Joshua Lane / / 9 Comments

Slowly, but surely, I’m settling into my new apartment/job/life in San Francisco…


At the moment, my new apartment is very empty… no desk, no shelves, no tables, no rugs, no chairs, no couch. I have a bed, a couch due to be delivered in a few weeks, and my computer propped up on some boxes. Living the dream! I’m hoping to get things in order over the next couple months, but not having a car makes furniture buying a little difficult.


For those who haven’t heard the news yet, I’m the new Senior Web Designer / Information Architect at Creative B’stro in San Francisco. It’s a small interactive agency that does a little of everything. They had a need for a senior-level web designer with IA experience. They also needed someone who knew the ins and outs of html and css. It’s a pretty good fit :)


I haven’t done a great deal of socializing yet, but I’m taking my time I guess. Eventually I plan to get involved in some local design/web groups. And luckily I have a couple friends from college who live here, so I’m not completely lonely.

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Jared Christensen /

I love the B’stro home page copy. Looks like a fun place to work!

bearskinrug /

Ah! I was wondering if you’d ever give us an update!

The best way to meet people in San Francisco is to break out of Alcatraz.

Joshua Lane /

@Jared – It’s one of the reasons I first submitted my resume. And the ping pong / conference table doesn’t hurt either ;)

@bearskinrug – “Break out of Alcatraz” added to my to-do list!

parker /

yo man I’m about to be heading out to school in the city in january. if you are interested in meeting up maybe we can produce some sites. i’m really into development and monetization of sites. let me know.

Leah /

Looks like a cool place to be. Which is awesome, since you’re the ultimate in cool guys. (Even though you try to pretend like you’re not.) I hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

James /

Drop me an email sometime and meet up for coffee. I work a few blocks from the ballpark in China Basin and live in The Richmond. It’s good to have you as a neighbor.

Joshua Lane /

@parker – If only I had TIME to work on extra projects …life = too crazy!!!

@Leah – The “ultimate in cool guys”? Seriously? I’ll take it!

@James – I believe I will do that! Look for an email soon.

Pam /

Aww-you moved??? And before you could come to NYC to visit me…well, odds are Marshall and I will end up in SF in the coming years (for his work, not mine). Good luck and maybe I will be able to catch up with you soon. (Marshall and I may be going to Napa for our honeymoon next fall so maybe we could meet up then!).

Nathan Smith /

Congrats on the new job. I was in SF two weeks ago, such a beautiful city.

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