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San Francisco

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On Tuesday I leave for San Francisco (for 6 days) and I CAN NOT WAIT! Don’t get me wrong, I love Philadelphia, but seeing as how I don’t travel… EVER… this is going to be a lot of fun. Plus, it will be awesome to see Kenny and Cris again. It’s been a while.

All this weekend, I’ve been getting things together for the trip. In preparation, I just did a quick check of the weather and it’s not fair… it’s just not fair. Here, allow me to compare the utter tranquility of San Francisco to the sweaty hell that is currently Philadelphia:

San Francisco Weather

  • Mon (Aug 15) – Mostly Sunny 63°/53°
  • Tue (Aug 16) – Mostly Sunny 65°/53°
  • Wed (Aug 17) – Mostly Sunny 66°/55°
  • Thu (Aug 18) – Mostly Sunny 68°/56°
  • Fri (Aug 19) – Mostly Sunny 68°/56°
  • Sat (Aug 20) – Mostly Sunny 68°/56°
  • Sun (Aug 21) – Mostly Sunny 69°/56°

Philadelphia Weather

  • Mon (Aug 15) – Scattered T-Storms 89°/69°
  • Tue (Aug 16) – Scattered T-Storms 86°/69°
  • Wed (Aug 17) – Isolated T-Storms 85°/69°
  • Thu (Aug 18) – Isolated T-Storms 83°/73°
  • Fri (Aug 19) – Scattered T-Storms 88°/73°
  • Sat (Aug 20) – Scattered T-Storms 86°/67°
  • Sun (Aug 21) – Scattered T-Storms 84°/69°

I think it’s safe to say that I picked a VERY good week to take a trip… 20° cooler, no rain, less humidity. Yeah, this will be nice.

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tigerous /

Take me with you, please! Seriously though, the weather here in Pittsburgh has been in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s with high humidity nearly nonstop for the last 2.5 months or so. It’s really quite sickening.

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