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Back to San Francisco

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

In about 3 hours I’ll be on a flight headed to San Francisco. Unlike last time, this trip centers around the wedding of two close friends of mine. So, I get to do the dress-up thing for a day. I’m a little apprehensive about that because rented clothing always worries me a little bit. But I have my own shoes! …yeah, not much of a victory there.

Anyways, the trip should be a lot of fun… touring the city, dining out, visiting with friends (especially those I haven’t seen in several months). One thing I’m really looking forward to, and this is all vanity talking, is people’s reactions to my weightloss. I see the conversation going as follows:

  • Person: “It’s great to see you, how long has it been?”
  • Me: “Yeah, you too… it’s been about 9 months I think; January”
  • Person: “And you look great! How much weight have you lost?”
  • Me: “Thanks! Yeah, about 25lbs so far.”
  • Person: “Wanna make out?”

So there you have it. The “making out” part at the end is pretty much a given I think ;)

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Lee /

WTF?? In 1998, I moved from San Francisco to Philly…I only lasted 10 months. Couldn’t stand the place. Thank GOD I moved back (and in time to catch the dot com wave in full force).

Power to ya, bro.

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