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XXXXX Will Be Sorely Missed

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

Every now and again, somebody famous (or pseudo-famous) passes away and the local/national news will run the story. And time and time again, people will comment on the person’s passing by saying “XXXXX Will Be Sorely Missed”. Am I the only one that finds this odd… that even though said person hasn’t done anything in years, they are still SORELY MISSED!?

For example, let’s take a singer who hasn’t put out any new music in over 20 years. Then, for some reason, they pass away. And people all over the world will say “XXXXX Will Be Sorely Missed”. I guess my question is… why do people say this? I know their friends and family will “sorely” miss them, but the general public? A public that really hasn’t thought of this person for 20 years?

I guess what I’m asking is, if this person was so loved, where were all the “you’re sorely missed” stories PRIOR to the person’s death? Why is it that the day AFTER someone dies do people all of a sudden remember who they are and start missing them? And do they really MISS them? Or has “XXXXX Will Be Sorely Missed” turned into a catch phrase people use to offer their condolences?

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Psoh /

Take it in this context. When someone famous dies their fame becomes bigger than when they were alive. Now when theres an overdose or whatever EMTEEVEE broadcasts this as some fact and that you should feel sorry for the artist because he or she did those drugs to create their art. (pain and suffering for our pleasure) It does get annoying when someone dies and those quips are used its the dumbing down of America. News isn’t news anymore its Infotainment. I’m sure you’ve seen quite a bit of this. The new cats coming up don’t care either way, mostly because they are blind to their history. People have short attention spans especially when it comes to current events or anything in general. I’ve seen quite a bit of this lately. I’m very tired of the crap personally.

Lou /

Did you ever come back to your parent’s house and find that your room was repainted? And you think, “Darn, I liked that builder’s white!”.

You didn’t really like that builder’s white, nor did you ever think of it in the years since you moved out, but on it’s loss you remember it. You feel a loss regardless of it’s true value.

Of course there’s also the need for filler in the media. 24 hour cable news needs its talking items.

Joshua Lane /

I will also sorely miss Super Bowl XXXXX…

Yeah, that was a good game :P

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