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Vancouver Vacation

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

vancouver.jpg In September I’m headed to Vancouver for (what looks to be) a really nice vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve taken any time off that didn’t have some other purpose to it. SXSW (while awesome) was still a work-related conference. And my two previous trips (both to San Francisco) were for another conference and a wedding. Even this trip originally had another purpose. Pixelworthy had a client in Vancouver that wanted to fly us out for a project. Unfortunately, that all kind of fell apart when they up and disappeared.

Still, I didn’t want that to keep me from doing a little jet-setting. And since I know a few people in Vancouver, I decided to just keep my plans as is. One of the events I have lined up is the Canadian Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts (CAEAA) hosted by William Shatner. Because of my work on, they were generous enough to send me an invitation and ask me to be a judge for the Animation Awards they’re giving out! Pretty cool, huh? I also hear there’s a sweet suspension bridge in the area that I’m dying to check out.

Know of any other fun things/events I should look into?

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Rob Weychert /

That’s pretty cool that you’ll be a judge at CAEAA (undoubtedly helping you further the cause for worldwide DuckTales syndication), but it still sounds like work to me. Enjoy your “vacation,” Josh.

Jeff Smith /

The suspension bridge at Grouse Mountain is pretty damn cool. They’ve also got a tree top bridge in the same park. Stanley Park is also a really nice spot to spend an afternoon.

Another point of interest, if you’re willing to travel out of the city a bit is White Rock (about a half hour out of the city). It’s a beautiful little town with a great night life and some amazing beaches. It’s a frequent vacation spot for some of Hollywood’s finest.

Jeff Smith /

They would be one in the same. I knew that it had a proper name. It’s at the base of Grouse Mountain.

The Skyride at Grouse Mountain is also pretty cool.

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