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Things to do Before I’m 30

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

As an update to my previous post, here it is… my final list…

  1. Lose that last 20-ish lbs and get into shape (BEGUN)
  2. Be debt-free (or at least close to it)
  3. Visit London (or Rome)
  4. Take a Helicopter Ride
  5. Speak at Another Conference/Event/Meeting
  6. Visit my Grandfather’s Resting Place (@ Arlington National Cemetery)
  7. Take a Class on Illustration/Design/Printing/etc
  8. Stop Worrying About “What If’s” and Just “Go For It”! (BEGUN)
  9. Paint Something… Anything!
  10. Get a Professional Massage
  11. Visit the Beach Without Feeling Self Conscious (part of get-in-shape goal)
  12. Go Out Every Night in a Row for an Entire Week Straight

I’ve got a total of 12 items, one for each month. I’ve already begun the get-in-shape goal by joining a gym just a couple blocks away. I guess that counts for July, while the “Stop Worrying” goal can count for August as I’ve (slowly) begun that one as well. Here’s to turning 30 as a happy and content (and trim) individual!

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Reed /

I like this list. A few that are not too hard and a few that are a stretch. Some practical and some emotional. Took some thought, obviously.

Joshua Lane /

Yeah, I definitely tried to keep it half practical/fun and half difficult. Gives me something to strive for, without being completely overwhelmed!

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