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King Kong and Laundry

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

King Kong DVDToday I celebrate the release of Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong. I also celebrate the complete uselessness of the washing machine in my apartment building (it’s broken). And therein lies my dilema. Do I travel four blocks away to the closest laundromat or do I throw caution to the wind (and my wardrobe) and spend the evening eating pizza and watching King Kong? I’m VERY partial to the pizza/movie plan, but the lack of clean clothese in my closet is forcing me to re-consider.

Some of you might be asking, “why not do laundry AND watch King Kong”. Oh dear friend I’ve considered this as well. Unfortunately, my only option would be to watch the film on a laptop while I’m at the laundromat. Does that sound fun to you? A laptop… with a very tiny screen!? No, that won’t work.

You might also be asking, “why not just watch the film tomorrow”? Dude, it comes out TODAY. And I’ve NEVER seen it! How can you ask me to wait? That’s just cruel. It would be like telling someone on christmas or their birthday, “you can open those gifts tomorrow”. NO, I CAN NOT!

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Edward /

I still don’t understand the people who hated this movie… Probably the best movie. Ever.

Joshua Lane /

Yeah, it was a great film. Maybe they thought it was too long?

Edward /

See, I would have thought that would be pretty much most of the complaints. But I’ve heard a lot of people just say it was terrible all around.

The period work was amazing in it! *sigh* Some people just don’t know a good movie when they see one. :D

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