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Isn’t the rain SWELL!?

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

I tell ya… there’s nothing I love more than lots of rain, low temperatures, and wind. Oh glorious wind, you and only you can complete this illustrious trifecta of FUN!

The best part is when I get to work (after seven blocks of braving the elements) and the entire bottom half of my body is wet. The umbrella, despite all it’s best intentions, really only works when rain is adhering to the laws of gravity. But when then wind gets involved and decides “let’s have a party!” …well, then my friends, we get to experience the joy of sideways rain. Rain that looks at the umbrella and laughs maniacally. Because it knows… it knows that the umbrella can not defeat it’s mightly horizontal powers.

And me, well, I just get caught in the cross-fire of this epic umbrella vs sideways rain battle.

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Dave /

dude, you have some serious mental issues. Rain and and umbrellas are inanimate objects.. unless ahering to the forces of gravity, wind, or human interferance. they they become quite animate indeed.

But i see your point, and i tend to get wet a lot when i walk from building to building at school. My legs always itch when they get wet.


tigerous /

Well, next time you get hit by sideways rain, just hold your umbrella sideways and that would help a bit more. Then all you have to do is learn how to walk sideways and the whole thing would be perfect.

Isondill /

Or you could use a raincoat as well. That’s always helped me.

Psoh /

Or learn to accept nature. Being pelted by Rain isn’t as bad as ya think. I live here in the Northwest where we gets rain all the time. Rain and wind never hurt nobody… ;)

tigerous /

I like rain, but I don’t like freezing rain. We seem to get that a lot around here. That makes you so cold you won’t to crawl in a hole somewhere and start yourself on fire. Ok, maybe the fire part was an exagerration, but you get the point. Honestly, I would rather be in a blizzard in North Dakota. Trust me, I’ve dealt with both.

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