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Help Me Find A Costume

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

future.jpg In a couple of weeks I’m going to a party where everyone is dressing up in costumes… and I have NOTHING! So, dear readers, I’m asking for your help. The theme is “Future” and all I can think of is to drape myself in tinfoil. LAME.

I’ve been trying to remember tv shows, movies, etc that took place in the “future”, but I keep getting stuck on Star Trek, Lost in Space and Firefly. Three shows that don’t really give me a lot of inspiration when coming up with a costume. Sure, I could probably get a Star Trek uniform or something similar, but it just seems lacking. I don’t know. Firefly would be a very cool show to emulate with my costume, but the wardrobes on that show didn’t really scream “future”. They were, more or less, just western outfits… very cool western outfits, but still.

Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts on this troubling matter? Obviously, I’d prefer something simple and not too expensive to put together, but at this point, anything will be better than going as “tinfoil guy”. I thank you all in advance for what I hope will be my salvation to this wardrobe nightmare.

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Colin D. Devroe /

I have two ideas.

1) Go as a Betazed. In Star Trek the next generation Diana Troi was a Betazed and they walked around nude on their home planet. This is, obviously the lease expensive option.

2) Option 2 costs no more than option 1, yet your self esteem can remain intact. Go as THING from the Adam’s Family. He’s just a “hand”, so, technically you could go as him and bring your own date.

The Colonel /

Frankly, you’ve got any range of choices from Futurama. Don’t know if you’re well-versed, but robots are always popular.

Bainbridge /

You could always come up with a catchy phrase on a t-shirt and build on that….”Chuck Norris of the Future”

kartooner /

I’m in agreement with The Colonel, Futurama all the way.

wayne /

you already kind of look like hermes…

bearskinrug /

How about going as Josh Lane III, your grandson?

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