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Downward Spiral

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a cluster-fuck. All culminating, as it seems, in this morning’s barrage of mishaps. Take a walk with me, won’t you…

  • June 8th to 14th – My computer starts acting weird and then dies
  • June 15th – Ordered my new computer (bye bye $1,500)
  • June 22nd – Forgot to pay my estimated taxes by the 15th (bye bye $500)
  • June 24th – Got stuck in the rain for 3-4 hours which made me sick
  • June 27th (9:00am) – Woke up late due to cold medicine and forgetting to set my alarm
  • June 27th (9:30am) – Spilled a half-gallon of milk on the floor
  • June 27th (10:00am) – Accidentally squirted hand-soap onto my toothbrush (I thought it was toothpaste)

So there you have it. A lovely couple of weeks that started to look up last night (when my new computer arrived), but took a turn for the worse this morning.

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Nathan Smith /

Wow dude, that does sound like a pretty terrible day. I had one like that last year, where I was at the doctor for a killer sinus infection I got while traveling. I got home from the doctor, planning on sleeping, only to have my wife call from work to tell me that she broke her arm. So, there I was driving to the emergency room, having just come from the hospital, while trying to stay awake because of the drowsy medication I’d already taken.

All that to say – Hang in there man, life happens sometimes, and you just have to endure.

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