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Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

Believe it or not, it’s been 10 years since I graduated high-school. There I said it… are you happy!? *sniff* …getting older sucks.

On the plus side, my 10-year high school reunion is happening this November and I CAN NOT WAIT! Some people dread these sorts of things, but I’m rather excited… and VERY curious to see what people are like. Are they married? Do they have kids? Is so-and-so still a dick?

In the build-up to November, a bunch of my classmates have started to reconnect on myspace. It’s almost as if we’re having a mini-reunion before the big event. Seeing everyone’s pictures is by far the best thing to come of this. Now I won’t be standing around at the reunion thinking “is that her?”, “it kinda looks like her, but I’m not sure”. Well, now I’m sure, because I’ve SEEN her latest photo.

The oddest thing to come of this myspace reconnection is the fact that one my classmates (from VA, mind you) actually lives here in Philadelphia. Crazy, but also very nifty! We’re planning to get together and catch up, so it’s like we’re having our own little pre-reunion. We’ll show up with our own little set of inside jokes and automatically be “the cool kids”.

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Rosemarie /

I can hardly wait for my reunion for the exact same reasons…. except that I still have to wait another eight years.

*is excited anyway*

M /

Oh Rosemarie Rosemarie, it must be nice to be you

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