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Costume Options

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

Thanks to everyone’s help in my search for a costume, I find myself with a few options for the “future” party…

costume_fry.gif costume_prof.gif costume_hermes.gif costume_jetson.gif

  • Fry (from Futurama) – probably the easiest on this list because he’s just wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, a red jacket and black sneakers. Unfortunately, even though he is part of a “future”-istic show, his actual outfit is from 2000.
  • Prof. Farnsworth (from Futurama) – another easy outfit, consisting of a grey turtleneck, teal pants, grey slippers, a white lab coat and thick coke-bottle glasses bitcoin casino. The difficult part would be to emulate his physical appearance (skin/head/etc).
  • Hermes (from Futurama) – this is a little more difficult given that his jacket has weird arm puff-thingies and his shirt isn’t your typical dress shirt. The pants/shoes/belt/etc are no problem, but the hair could also be tricky.
  • George Jetson (from the Jetsons) – I actually kind of like this option, but it would require a bit of work on my part (cutting fabric, sewing, etc). The collar, belt and shoes are pretty unique, but not too crazy that you couldn’t pull it off.

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The Colonel /

My knowledge of your body type withstanding- I dig the concept of going as Professor Farnsworth.

That’s just plain awesome.

Jason Santa Maria /

Yeah, or though you could probably pull off George Jetson well enough. I think I heard someone is already going as Fry.

Nathan Smith /

Definitely Hermes. I mean, it’s a challenge, and when else will you get to experience discrimination as a white guy in America?

kartooner /

Farnsworth is worthy of being “costum-ized”. Plus, thick coke-bottle glasses are sexy!

Niff /

I know for a fact that fry is taken…plus i think you are a bit tall for him. I think as fry as a little guy.

i really like the hermes idea…you could be african american! black Josh!

jessica Armstrong /

I would love to have a george jetson costume for my husband this halloween and cannot find one anywhere. Please help

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