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Conversations With Myself

Joshua Lane / / 10 Comments

Every now and again I like to talk to myself. Not out loud or anything, because that would be CRAZY. No, I like to have conversations with myself, inside my head… because that’s MUCH more normal. Sometimes they’re just reminders of things I need and/or want to do that day. Other times, it’s some sort of hypothetical scenario that I will play out.

For example, this morning (while walking to work) I had a little back-and-forth about making an appointment for a hair cut. But it wasn’t just “I need to make an appointment”… no, it was a whole “I need to make an appointment for a hair cut… sometime after 6pm either today or Tuesday, if possible”. And then I would take it another step and imagine what the person taking the appointment would say “We have an opening at 6:30pm today if you like”… to which I would reply “that’s perfect, I’ll take it”.

See, I take these little mental reminders and turn them into hypothetical conversations. I don’t know WHY I do it that way, but that’s what happens. Even right now, I’m considering what your possible reaction to this post is… “man, this guy is a little weird”. Except you won’t be saying that out loud, will you? Oh no, you just think it in your head! Now, imagine you had a friend there to continue that thought and turn it into an actual conversation. I know I’ve already imagined it.

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Tim from philly /


I admitted to my wife that I do this and she hasn’t stopped making fun of me for it. And I mean: entire imaginary conversations (but nothing crazy) :)

If nothing else, I definately feel less weird now (if only a little).

Other hypothetical reactions to this post:
1. “whoa! whatever, dude.”
2. “did we really need to know this, josh?”
3. “didn’t I read about this somewhere?”
4. “huh. my psych 101 prof said…”
5. “these creative guys are alittle weird” (ok, that’s basically a repeat of your hypothetical reaction)
6. “…AAAND I work with this guy”
7. “josh, honey, mommy doesn’t think you should blog for alittle while”
8. “so anyway, how’d you get those dope vertical tabs?”
9. “you know, that’s very creative. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.”
10. “hey, what if I come up with a top 10 list of hypothetical reactions to this post. that’d be great!” (or not)

bainbridge /

LOL…What have you guys been smoking lately? haha, j/k…I think we are all guilty of this, but the question is…is this what you expected my reply would be? Also, have these conversations ever ended up playing out like you imagined, or do they usually end up a different way?

Joshua Lane /

Also, have these conversations ever ended up playing out like you imagined, or do they usually end up a different way?

For the most part, they ALWAYS end up differently. However, every now and again something happens just how I imagined it would… which gives me a weird little sensation of deja vu.

tigerous /

I gotta go with Bainbridge on this. Everyone does this to some extent. Honestly, it’s not uncommon for people to have conversations with themselves outloud. There is an old saying that says “talking to yourself is a sign of genius, answering is a sign of insanity.” As long as you don’t start blurring the lines of reality, who cares if you talk to yourself. Oh, and I get deja vu all the time, but it’s usually because of dreams.


haha I do this whenever Im in the shower. Sometimes I’ll think about something and get REALLY into it, like an imaginary argument with my friend’s girlfriend and I’ll get so caught up that I don’t even realize my lips moving and making all sorts of retarded looking faces, haha.

Is this something I should be exposing on the internet?


Also, one hot summer many years back I worked in a sock factory in the east end of town. It was the absolute worst job in the entire world. I wont describe it because I’m about to make dinner and watch a movie and I just have too many things to say, but I basically spent 12 hours a day packing SOCKS in the back of an overheated warehouse with a bunch of mexican immigrants who didn’t speak a word of English. I used to stack boxes into piles inbetween aisles of inventory so that Id be hidden among the rows of shelves and sit in a box of socks with a pen and paper in my hand just incase a manager walked by and caught me. I could scrunch my eyebrows and look up at the shelves with the pen in hand and pretend as though I were doing something important. But really I’d just sit there and play out these imaginary scenarios in my head. I’d literally do this for hours on end. Like I’d pretend it was the weekend and I was downtown and I’d bump into some girl on the street and have long conversations, or a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, etc. Anyways, time for dinner…

Rachael /

i do the same thing it freaks me out i will laugh with myself my friends laugh at me in fact im doing ti right now most of the time idont know whatim talking about i do infact feel like im going crazy

William /

yeah i have been doing the same things since i was about five. but as well i am constantly talking to the other “me” i don’t hear it like a hallucination, i just know what he said. E.G. i am watching tv and i reconize an actor, but instead of “oh it’s whats his face” the other me asks “he seems familiar” and i will reply “yeah it’s whats his face, you know from this movie and that” and he will go ” oh thats right i really liked him in such and such”. this could spark a long changing conversation. its the way i have always constructed thoughts. i am told this is a result of my OCD. though i did not have ocd when i was a kid.

Danny /

Wow! I had been the same things for quite a while and I just HAD to look on the internet to see if I wasn’t alone and voila! haha Usually with me I just imagine I’m with my friend talking about just anything, or I play the same events over in my head usually about things I want to do when I get older. I really thought I was just going crazy but now I know other people are like this!

Joshua /

wow. can’t believe i stumbled upon this. earlier today i had a hypothetical conversation while driving to class, with the guy at guitar center. i was acting as if he wasn’t going to let me exchange my guitar because it is broken, and i was getting very angry. i do this all the time, especially now since i’m off zoloft. if something is bothering me it seems if i have one of these hypothetical conversations i feel much better about it afterwards.

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