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Nathan Smith /

For some reason, I’m seeing this as a metaphor for progress. At first, there is the rickety bridge, suspended loosely by rope, and at the other end is the welcome, solid concrete of the steps.

Anyway, too philosophical. Great photo, by the way. I’m becoming increasingly jealous of your photoblog. :)

Minh /

Hi, I am new to your website and think it looks great! As I was crossing this photoblog, I noticed some great pics, and also great graphics on your site. Now, I have a few questions, are these graphics created on a Mac or a PC, and what difference does it make as far as for web publishing? I noticed for print, you would want high-res images, however, it would be different for web though, because you would want the images to load faster so you would want it at a lower DPI, correct?

Seantastic /

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP! IM GOING TO VOMIT MY SUSHI ALL OVER MY COMPUTER! Nah just kidding. Nice bridge you got there pal.

bearskinrug /

They put this bridge back up? After that Sankara Stone incident, I thought it’d be down forever…

Joshua Lane /

Well Kevin, after Indy saved the day and restored peace to the village… it only made sense to also restore the bridge.

Then they had a picnic :)

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