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Rosemarie /

Very, very nice photo!

I’m afraid of Vancouver. It’s so big, and the buildings are so tall. All anyone ever talks about is how scary an experience they had on east hastings.

I’d also probably get lost pretty quick.

L /

Miss you, too.

Brian McElaney /

Such incredible color. Was that really how it looked?

Leena /

I must echo the previous comment: Incredible.

What a beautiful photograph…

bearskinrug /

Josh… Vancouver misses you. But you broke it’s heart when you left!

Joshua Lane /

Kevin, did you talk to Vancouver!?  It hasn’t returned my calls and I’m starting to get worried :(

M.A. /

Just Wondering if this is the same Josh that used to live in Seattle, WA and whose father is Ted Lane?

Joshua Lane /

Sorry M.A., no… I never lived in Seattle.

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