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New Home

Joshua Lane / / 8 Comments

See you in a few weeks, fancy new 1BR apartment with hardwood floors!

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Mason /

Looks good, Josh. Roof access is always a nice thing. We’ll miss you here in Philly, tho. Best of luck out west.

Justin Dickinson /

Nice looking place man. I’ve been rocking the hardwood floors in my place for a year or so and it’s nice. A little classier, a little cleaner. You must be excited.

bearskinrug /

Wow! You really jumped right on moving!

Leah /

Looks freaking gorgeous!

Joshua Lane /

@Mason – Thanks! Roof access is definitely nice :)

@Justin – The less vacuuming necessary, the better!

@bearskinrug – Yeah, things happened pretty quickly. But in a good way :)

@Leah – It IS! I will take lots of pictures so you can get really jealous ;)

Damian /

Great place. Good luck with the new job and home out west. Some old co workers of mine moved to SF and are encouraging me to make a move.

Sheri /

Are you Ronna’s son? Please let me know because I’m trying to find her…Thanks!

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