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My New Tattoo

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments


My very first tattoo ever. And no, it doesn’t mean anything… it just looks nice :)

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kate /

super awesome, jl. also, this morning i described you to a buyer who didn’t know who you were as “that super funny guy who sat right there…he wore a lot of shirts”…and here you are with a bunch of shirts on! pure josh.

Josh Stodola /

Is this for real?! If so, what combination of drugs gave you this idea?

john /

The layout of this site is awesome. I’m going to reskin my blog site to something similar… different design ideas though :)

Total originality is best left to the innovators of the world.

Tattoo looks cool, but it totally looks like you just got the ‘2nd Lieutenant’ army rank tat’d on your arm. Haha.

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