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Nathan Smith /

Dude, that’s awesome. I was summoned to jury duty for the state of Washington, but didn’t fulfill my civic responsibility since I was living in Kentucky at the time.

Jared Christensen /

Wow, did you happen to be on jury duty on the one day during the year that they give out certificates?

patricia /

I am actually. I’ve always wanted to serve on jury duty. Of course, that’s sort of hard to do, not being a US citizen and all. sigh.

Joshua Lane /

I was selected as juror #11 and ended up serving for all of last week. It was actually kinda fun. And as luck would have it, Thursday was “Juror Appreciation Day” so I got a free coffee mug and that certificate. OH YEAH!

bearskinrug /

Sheesh. When I was a juror, we didn’t need no fancy paper. We were happy with re-boiled coffee and the windows being open in the deliberation room.

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