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Was Live 8 A Success?

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According to a recent article on

The British prime minister made African poverty and climate change the centerpiece of the three-day summit. The G8 countries had already agreed to cancel the debt of 18 of the world’s poorest countries, 14 of them in Africa.

On Africa, he said the deal was “not what everyone wanted” but said it represented “real, achievable progress.”

“The 50 billion dollar uplift in aid is a signal for a new deal on trade, (as is) the cancellation of debt of poorer nations, universal access to AIDS treatment and a commitment to a new peacekeeping force for Africa,” Blair said.

So, it begs the question… was Live 8 responsible for this? Or was it something that would have happened anyway?

Another thing the CNN article mentions is that Climate Change didn’t get much attention at the summit. If there were a worldwide Earth Day concert (with one location being Philly of course), do you think that would have changed the focus of the summit?

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