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The Philly Post Office SUCKS

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone who lives in Philly, but the Post Office here SUCKS. It’s like they don’t follow the same rules of physics the rest of us do. That somehow time moves slower for them, so they, in turn move slow to match this imaginary force.

The funniest part of my little experience though, was when I asked for cash back (I was using my debit card to pay for the transaction). I asked if there was a limit and the guy said, “At this time, $40”. So I thought, $40 is good, I’ll take that. Except when he opened the register, he clearly did not have enough large bills to accommodate my request. So, he reached into his wallet and pulled out a $20 bill and give it to me, along with two $5’s and ten $1’s. Now, I don’t care HOW I get my money, but this just struck me as odd. Will he get his money back later? Does this sort of thing happen often at this branch? Or does the guy just store all the large bills in his wallet? …perhaps for safe keeping?

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tigerous /

Ok, I totally have no answer for you, but when I read this I couldn’t help but laugh. Keeping the large bills in his wallet for safe keeping, that’s just hilarious.

kristen /

aww poor joshua
i never experienced a philly post office as of yet (only have been in philly a year but yeah) my mom does all that stuff usually
but that does seem kinda strange o_0

William /

You hit the nail on the head. I live in Philly and the post offices here are awful. The one on Chestnut Street will keep you waiting for an hour in a line that barely moves. If you haven’t seen Rob Bloom’s humor article on post offices, you should check it out.

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