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Subway Preacher

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

Just the other week, I had the distinct “pleasure” of listening to a somewhat off-kilter woman preach on the subway. At least, I think she was off-kilter. Mostly due to the fact that instead of talking to all of us, she was just talking… to no-one… loudly. It was rather bizarre.

At first I thought maybe she was crazy …we do have a number of “the crazies” wandering around Philly. Some of them are harmless and just talk to themselves (or, specifically, to the voices they hear). Some of them, however, argue with (and yell at) random people who walk by. One rather large guy in particular is pretty frightening. Anyways, I was worried that this subway preaching woman might be of the latter variety, so I got up and moved to the back of the car.

Then I thought, what if she isn’t crazy? Did my moving to the back of the car offend her or put a dent in her self-esteem? Suddenly I felt a little guilty. Then, she turned and kept preaching …to a door …a closed door, with no one even remotely close by. At that point, I didn’t feel so bad. I smiled a little and just thought to myself… “I sure hope she gets off at the next stop”.

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kartooner /

You just never know what’s going on in situations like this.

I can remember a couple times where I was either left wondering if they were crazy or if it was my own mind making the situation weirder than it really was.

In most cases I just trust gut instict and try my best to not interfere with their thought process, because again, you just don’t know the specifics of what someone is thinking about.

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