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Something You May Not Have Known

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

A bit of trivia for you fine folks this Sunday afternoon… Philly is the 5th biggest city in the US. Really.

I came across this nugget of information several weeks ago when I was talking to a coworker about where I was moving. He was curious to know how big the city was, so we looked it up. He was as shocked as I was to discover that it was the 5th biggest city in the US. Here’s a rundown of the top 10:

  1. New York, N.Y. (8,085,742)
  2. Los Angeles, Calif. (3,819,951)
  3. Chicago, Ill. (2,869,121)
  4. Houston, Tex. (2,009,690)
  5. Philadelphia, Pa. (1,479,339)
  6. Phoenix, Ariz. (1,388,416)
  7. San Diego, Calif. (1,266,753)
  8. San Antonio, Tex. (1,214,725)
  9. Dallas, Tex. (1,208,318)
  10. Detroit, Mich. (911,402)

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Dave /

wow! 5th biggest and to think basingstoke is the … erm … well, actually I don’t have the slightest idea how big basingstoke is in coparison to ther places in the UK.

Does it make you feel more ant-like? doesn’t with me … wonder if it should.

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