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Some Issues With My Building

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I LOVE my new apartment, and the area I live is fantastic (Washington Square West for those curious). However, I have a couple of problems with the building my apartment is in. These aren’t terrible problems to have, but I thought I’d share…

First off, the buzzer for the building seems to be broken. So, if I have a delivery of some sort or a maintenance call (cable, phone, etc), they can’t “buzz” me to let them in the building. Instead, I have to watch out my window to see when they arrive, then run downstairs and let them in. It’s not bad, but a little inconvenient. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

On the bright side, the building I live in has a washer and a dryer in the basement. There are only 8 apartments in total, so the machines are usually available… as long as you’re not wanting to do laundry Sunday afternoon, as that can get kind of busy.

Unfortunately, the washing machine works great, but the dryer is lacking. Typically it takes two cycles to get a standard load of laundry dry. It only costs $.50 per cycle, so doubling up to a dollar isn’t that bad, but the extra time is a little annoying. I don’t think the building owner/managers plan to replace the dryer at all, so this is one I’m probably just going to have to get used to.

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