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Some City Moments

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

I’ve lived in Philly now for three months. And in that time I’ve experience a number of things. But instead of sharing another bizarre tale of some random event, I’d like to share a few of the more mundane, but still very special moments. These are the ones that may seem insignificant, but really encapsulate what it’s like to live in a big city. Not only that, but as cheesy as it sounds, these events really make me feel at home here.

  • Walking To and From Work Every Day
  • Grabbing Dinner at the Pizza Place on the Corner
  • Standing in the Middle of the City and Just Looking UP
  • Spending an Afternoon in the Park
  • Going Home RIGHT As it Turns Dark
  • Checking Out Local Stores and Shops
  • Watching the Gay Pride Parade From My Apt Window
  • Taking a Cab to a Friend’s Place for a Party

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kristen /

aww this was a cute blog entry
it’s great that you really appreciate all the small things-like they say it’s the small insignificant things that make it all worth it and actually mean something.

Steve /

You should travel 2 hours north on 95, or hop the asian bus line from chinatown where you’ll end up in the capitol of the world. Philly is a nice place to get your feet wet; but if it’s city life you desire… Anywhere but NY and you’re just kidding yourself.

Joshua Lane /

Anywhere but NY and you’re just kidding yourself.

I disagree. I’ve been to NY on several occassions and while it’s a nice city, I prefer Philadelphia. Overall, it just suites my lifestyle and personality better.

Iverson Folby /

Very good work, nice webpage.

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