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Smoker’s Remedy

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

As I was walking to work this morning, I passed a guy on the sidewalk who was coughing pretty badly. In between his coughs, he took a drag off a cigarette. I remember thinking to myself “uh… okay… that isn’t really going to help with your cough”.

What’s funny is that it DID seem to help. Because after his puff, he stopped coughing.

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Danny /

A friend of mine used to joke about that. He was a pack-a-day guy, and he’d get these violent coughing fits, and halfway through he’d croak out, “Quick get me a cigarette!”

rgl /

dude tell me about it that is weird. i go to Full Sail and this school is covered with smoke by smokers and i’ve seen them do that. i can’t explain it but anyway thats weird…


Dave /

rather funny. My friend is a heavy passive smoker. His dad smokes a rather large amount of cigs and he gets withdrawl simptoms if he stops.

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