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Salvador Dali Exhibit

Joshua Lane / / 2 Comments

I went to see the Salvador Dali Exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Thursday (May 19th). My employer was able to get some tickets so a bunch of us went that evening after work.


Overall, it was a nice exhibit and it was cool to see all (well, not ALL) of Dali’s paintings. The majority of his stuff is rather bizarre and off the wall… but in a good way. There were a few paintings that I really enjoyed, but I honestly can’t remember the names of them. And I think that sort of sums up how I feel about the exhibit… it was nice and I enjoyed seeing Dali’s work, but in the end, it was fairly forgettable. Oh well.

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marie /

Free Dali?? I’m totally jealous because he’s one of my absolute favorities. That was totally pointless but I just had to share. Good luck in Philly!

tigerous /

I would love the opportunity to see some of Dali’s paintings in person. I’ve always loved his work. It has so much hidden imagery and meaning. Unfortunately, the museum here doesn’t have a single piece of his art, to my knowledge. Luckily, they have some Monet, Van Gough, Manet, and numerous other names, so they more than make up for it.

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