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Rittenhouse Park

Joshua Lane / / 4 Comments

The other week, Kevin (you can see him in the photo), Dan and I walked over to take some photos of Rittenhouse Park for a project Pixelworthy is working on. The full set is available on flickr.


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Chris Hiester /

Hey Joshua,

Welcome to Philly! Can I offer a bit of constructive criticism? If you call it “Rittenhouse Square”, you won’t sound like you’re new to Philadelphia. Nobody from Philly calls it “Rittenhouse Park”. People who live nearby will refer to “the park” sometimes in informal conversation. Honestly, I’m trying to be helpful and not a jerk.

Good Luck!

Joshua Lane /

I named the set Rittenhouse Park because all my photos were of the Park. To me, the title Rittenhouse Square would include all the surrounding buildings and shops.

Ichigo /

I live in philly 2 ;)

Charley Parker /

Long time residents call it “The Square”. It’s one of William Penn’s 4 original planned open spaces for the city and has long been a center of cultural activities, as well as um… “countercultural” activities in the 60’s. Part of what makes it great is how lively it is. Phiadelphian’s use it as a park, a beach (for tanning), a picnic area, a meeting place, a social scene,an art space,a concert stage and a place to just relax and watch the world go by. I’ve been to a number of cities in the US and Europe and Rittenhouse Square is one of the finest small urban parks I’ve ever seen. Enjoy.

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