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Philadelphia Top 10

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

I only have a couple more days left in Philadelphia, and I’ve been reminiscing a bit on the last 2.5 years. If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share a quick “Top 10” list from my time here…

10. Urban Outfitters

What started out as a really difficult (and hard-to-adjust-to) job, became a really fun and rewarding experience towards the end. Credit goes to all the great people I got to work with.

9. Camp Naked Terror

Rob was nice enough to invite me to my very first party in Philadelphia. Not only that, I think it was the first costume party (not counting those at Halloween) that I’d ever been to. The following year, I dressed up as George Jetson.

8. New Friends

One of the reasons I want to move is the chance to meet, and become friends with, a whole bunch of new people. Not because my current friends aren’t good enough. But because it’s been so fantastic with all of them that I can’t wait to experience it again.

7. Badminton at Liz’s Parents’ House

Playing badminton at Liz’s parents’ house (Memorial Day weekend?) was, perhaps, the first time I really felt like I was “home” in Philly. I was comfortable with my life, and just enjoying everything that was happening.

6. Tiffany and Kristen

Prior to moving to Philadephia, I hadn’t dated much the past couple of years. Shortly after moving, I had my first date in the city with Tiffany. Some time later, I met Kristen and we dated for a bit. Neither one worked out, but it was nice to feel attractive again.

5. Pixelworthy

Absolutely THE most fun and rewarding experience I’ve had at a job to date.

4. Summer Leary

My crazy, neurotic, weirdo new best friend. You and I will definitely be seeing each other again!

3. Tranny Hookers

Around 11pm (or later) on Friday & Saturday nights, you’ll find tranny hookers on either end of the block where I live. The spectacle of them on the corners will forever make me smile.

2. Losing 70lbs

Part of the reason I moved to Philly was to make a drastic change in my life. Getting rid of my car and walking to work (and around the city) helped me lose 70lbs in 2.5 years. I weighed 275 before I left Maryland. Now I weight 203.

1. City Living

I sincerely wish I had lived in a city sooner. It’s so fantastic being close to such amazing and wonderful things, spectacles, art, restaurants, shops, weirdos, etc, etc. I can’t imagine living in a suburb ever again.

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Mason /

re: #2
That’s great to hear, since Philly’s ranked among America’s fattest cities. Also, even tho we’ll miss you you can say that you helped us lose 200 lbs!

bearskinrug /

But the suburbs are great! You can actually go outside and NOT see people!

WebGrl /

You will cherish these moments and experiences in your life forever. You are doing what many don’t have the guts to do. Way to go man! Safe journeys!

Justin D /

It’s always good to reflect on what has come before moving on to what’s about to happen. It shows you how far you’ve gotten.

Liz /

Awe, Josh, #7 just brought a tear to my eye.

Kristen /

Hey long time no talk! Glad to see things are going so well for you, I wish you the best of luck with everything!

I just stumbled upon here one day, and I was shocked to see I was one of the top 10 things of philadelphia, along with tiffany :)
That was a nice surprise!

Well take care Josh

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