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New Ikea Shelves

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

I found some really nice shelves from Ikea that work perfectly for my DVD collection. I wanted something that would look nice, but also something that would work well with the other furniture in my apartment. And these seem to do the trick.


I got two of them, because my DVD collection simply wouldn’t fit on just one. I was also thinking about getting the matching tv stand, but it looked a bit big for my purposes. Went with something else instead.

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Dave /

We’ve got those. But ours are wider!

Taleeya /

Mine are on the Billy shelves. But I wish Ikea would make shelving specifically for DVD’s, as most are too deep. I really would like one similar to their CD shelves, they are soo convenient.

Joshua Lane /

We’ve got those. But ours are wider!

You must have the Book Shelves… how do you like them?

Dave /

TRANSFORMERS, robots in disguise!
TRANSFORMERS, more than meets the eyes!

…sorry if i’m wrong.

Nice tv by the way.

Your Uncle - Tony /

Nice Shelves Josh. I thought that is so cool that you have your transformers displayed. I love it. Take Care.

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