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New Furniture For The Apartment

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Now that I’ve found my new apartment in Philly, I’ve started to pick out some furniture. I have to be careful though, because I don’t want to get too much stuff since it’s only a studio. Here’s what I’ve got lined up so far…


  • Leda Cloth Chair
    I already have a desk chair, but this one is just so ultra-modern-hip that I had to have it.
  • Stockholm Maple 4-shelf Tower Bookcase
    Currently, I have a mammoth media-tower that holds all my DVD’s, books, etc. However, let me just stress the word mammoth a little bit. This thing could kill a small child… which is why I had nicknamed it “the child killer”. Needless to say, there’s NO WAY I’m lugging it all the way up to Philly. Instead, I’m getting two of these nice shelves from Target.

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