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New Friends In Philly

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In an odd twist of fate, a co-worker from my previous job (Clym Environmental) just moved to Philadelphia… this past Thursday to be exact. I should know, I helped lug all her stuff up three flights of stairs and through narrow hallways. Yeah, good times.

Actually, it wasn’t really all that bad. Sure, the “lifting” part kind of sucked and I was really sore the next day, but it was fun to hang out with two new friends. One of course being my old co-worker (her name is Beth) and the other being her roommate (Sasha). They’re a fun bunch too… very lively and entertaining.

One of the hardest parts about moving to a new area (at least for me) is making new friends. Meeting people is a piece of cake, but extending that into something more is always tough. For example, there’s a guy at the place I get my hair cut who seems pretty cool and friendly. But is he that way because he HAS to be? And if I were to ask if he’d be interested in hanging out sometime, would he feel obligated to say “yes” because I’m a client?

That’s why I’m glad Beth and Sasha are now in Philly… instant friends. Adding them to the fine gents at work, and I almost don’t feel like a loser anymore. Score one for me!!

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