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My New Television

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

After some searching, I’ve finally decided on what TV I will be purchasing for my apartment.

Syntax LT26HVE Syntax Olevia 26 Inch LCD


It’s a pretty decent set and the price ($899) is great considering the size and type of TV I’m purchasing. I also dig the black matte finish… most LCD’s seem to be a silver/grey color.

Goodbye savings…

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Taleeya /

Yeh, I think TV’s should come in both black and the silver colour. The silver used to look cool when it was original, now it kinda looks cheap tho.

Joshua Lane /

The TV has ARRIVED!! …and it’s awesome.

My only problem now is that I have no stand/shelf to put it on. Off to Ikea.

Dave /

You should get one that integrates it’self into the wall… or you could just get one that you can hook up.

Although they have he tendency to be REALLY expensive.

Check out this comic page about a television they buy. Read a couple more pages on, it’s funny.

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