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My Day of Gay

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

This past Sunday, I had a very gay time… and yes, I’m using that word as if it had TWO meanings. Clever, huh?

  • 12:30pm – Stood outside my apartment building and watched the Gay Pride Parade (featuring my good friends Summer, Terri and the Penn/Jersey She-Devils Roller Derby Team)
  • 1:15pm – Quick trip to the bank (yep, it too was gay)
  • 1:30pm – Walked along Market Street with the parade and stopped to take some photos (will be up on flickr soon)
  • 2:00pm – Headed to Penn’s Landing for the Gay Pride Festival (and had a great time meeting and hanging out with some of the She-Devils Derby players)
  • 5:30pm – Left the festival and after a brief stop, headed over to Sisters (local Lesbian club)

As you can see, my day was filled with much gaylocity. A day where I truly celebrated wickedness. Because, didn’t you know, being gay is “a celebration of wickedness”. At least, that’s what the protesters said.

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nate /


Patricia /

Obviously my seat in Hell is already reserved because I don’t see how someone could NOT want to take part in a celebration of wickedness. It sounds like a rocking good time I think!

Nate /

Yes, indeed, you will be burned in hell. Homosexuality, according to the bible, is the biggest sin. It is sick, inhumane, bad morals. It is disgusting all together.

Joshua Lane /

Nate, you left out that it’s also “TOTALLY HOT”.

Gerald /

Yep, cant forget that. This is an amazingly well designed blog by the way.

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