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My Apartment in Philly

Joshua Lane / / 10 Comments

Here are some pictures of what my apartment looks like before it’s been decorated much. It comes off as a little small in the photos, but it’s quite roomy.


And here are some shots of my apartment after it’s gotten some art and furniture. There’s still a blank wall next to my desk where I’d like to put something… just not sure what yet.


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Your Brotha /

I like the place! The hardwood Floors look great, as well as the kitchen area with the nice stainless steal fridge. Hopefully I can find some time this summer to come visit, Keep me informed with all the new pics you keep posting. Catch ya lata broskie.

Kevin /

Your apartment looks comfy! There is something about small spaces that seem to have everything.

some guy /

quite roomy? you gotta be kidding. keep slaving away in that little box, joker…

Isondill /

Lookin’ good! Seems like you found yourself a nice place based upon these pictures. I always hate the unpacking part of moving but it looks like you’ve already made some good headway with that. It looks like you did a great job setting it up for yourself. In fact, it looks even more organized than my place. Not that my stuff is the most organized to begin with…

Dave /

Is that an animal top I see hanging there?

Joshua Lane /

Animal top? I have no idea what that is.

wassago /

“Animal”, clothes brand I guess ;-)

Mark /

where I’d like to put something…

A nice map of your new home?

mattE /

how much sqr footage is your apartment?

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