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Music Mania!

Joshua Lane / / 3 Comments

The weekend before last I saw two shows… one on Friday, the other on Saturday. Then this past weekend I saw two more shows… one on Friday, the other on Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, I love music, but I think I’m good for a while. Let’s recap my adventures…

  • Friday, Nov 3rd: Mute Math
    At first I wasn’t sure I was going to go to this show, but I’m VERY glad I did. These guys are excellent live.
  • Saturday, Nov 4th: All American Rejects
    I’ll be honest, I could care less about All American Rejects. However, the show was pretty decent and there were a couple good songs.
  • Friday, Nov 10th: Imogen Heap
    My second favorite concert of all time. Amazing.
  • Saturday, Nov 11th: Polymer
    Way to go Jon! You guys were fantastic. And congrats on the new CD.

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michael /

well dont tease us josh! whats your favorite concert of all-time…?

M. Jackson Wilkinson /

The TLA is my number one all-time concert venue. Seen too many amazing shows there to even think about any other place…

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