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Just Got Back From Philly

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

I’m looking to move to Philadelphia within the next month or so. Oooh, before I continue, if you already live in Philly, please email me as I could really use some assistance finding a nice apartment.

Anyways, I went up today to check out a few places to live. I think there were a total of eight apartments, but only spread between three buildings. One of the apartments was fantastic, but a bit on the high side as far as rent goes. The others were pretty nice too, but after seeing the awesome apartment, it’s hard to settle. Although, I’m sure that’s what I’ll have to do. Still, it was a fun trip (if a little short) and I’m definitely getting more and more excited about moving.

I even took some shots of Philly while I was there and thought I would share them with you. I WAS going to take some pics of the apartments, but like an idiot I left my camera in my car.

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mizz.ann /

OOOOHhhhh… Fancy!!!! I guess my friends in philly live in the hood!! :(

Haa..haa…according to the grapevine, I’ve heard you’ve already found a snazzy place to live in.

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