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Is Philadelphia Making Me Sick?

Joshua Lane / / 5 Comments

In the ONE year since I moved to Philadelphia (April ’05), I’ve been sick a total of about 6 times. That’s got to be TWICE as much as when I was previously in Maryland for THREE years! I suspect the extra bit of traveling has had something to do with my newfound tendency to fall ill. After all, both of my trips to San Francisco and the recent jaunt to Austin, TX left me stricken with a nasty cold.

Traveling aside, I’ve still got another 3 instances of being sick to consider. If we compare that to my time in Maryland, I should have only been sick once this entire year. So, what of the other 2 occassions? Is Philly just that dirty of a place where germs lie in wait for unsuspecting newbies? Is it the inadequate heat in my apartment that makes me more susceptible to the onslaught of various bacteria and viruses?

Or am I just being a whiny little baby? I did get to stay home on Friday and be miserable all day…

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bearskinrug /

I imagine it’s all that time you spend down at the docks, in nothing but hot pants.

Jason Santa Maria /

Quit whining you little baby. This is just Philadelphia’s way of toughening you up. You live right across the river from Camden now :D

Sean Sperte /

Move to Seattle. I’ve been sick twice in the 8 years I’ve lived here. Plus it’s got Starbucks, the Seahawks and Newsvine.

(Either that or wash your hands more. I heard the number one reason people get sick is through the spending of germs on their hands.)

Joshua Lane /

Seattle, hmmm… I could do with a little less Jason Santa Maria in my life…

oooooh, BURN!

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