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I Need To Sell My Car

Joshua Lane / / 6 Comments

My car is utterly useless to me. I live 6 blocks from work and 3 blocks from the nearest grocery store. There are buses that travel all throughout the city and for everything beyond the city, there’s the subway. Oh, and did I mention the cabs… that are everywhere.

The thing that most kills me about my car is how expensive it is to keep…

Monthly Payment: $300
Monthly Insurance: $100
Monthly Garage Fee: $185
Total: $585!!

I spend $585 every month on a car I DON’T USE. I’m so selling it.

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your brother /

mmmm, What are you looking to get for it? I am interested. Call me so we can talk about the car and the girl!

trevor /

wheres the car?

Joshua Lane /

wheres the car?

In a garage in Philadelphia.

mattE /

what kind of car. lol i have no intrest in buying it(mainly because im only 16 and i live in B.C.) but yeah im jw?

trevor /

Joshualane, obviously… any pictures, or any information on it?

Joshua Lane /

It’s done, I sold my car!

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