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I Have Officially Moved

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I’ve been here in my new apartment in Philly for a couple weeks now (still unpacking…), but as of this morning, I have officially moved out of Frederick, MD. You see, my old apartment was paid up through April 20th, so technically, it was still my place. Still, it’s nice to be officially done with it.

As for the new apartment, it’s taking shape. I’ve got the bed and my office area all setup, but I still have a bunch of things to unpack. Mostly DVD’s. However, I don’t have a TV yet (planning on getting this one when I have the cash). I also have a lot of artwork to purchase and hang up. Ooh, and I need a couple of rugs too… don’t want to damage the nice hardwood floors.

I plan on taking some pictures of the apartment today and maybe some of my work tomorrow. The views I have from both places is FANTASTIC!

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