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I Gave Away My TV…

Joshua Lane / / 1 Comment

…to my brother. You see, he’s moving to Arlington (VA) this weekend and it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to give him my television. He needed one anyway, so it worked out great. And with me moving to Philly soon, I’ve been looking for ways to “lighten my load”. Basically, I’m lazy, and the less I have to move up there, the better.

Also, I now have the perfect excuse to buy a nice LCD TV. You know, the kind you can hang on your wall like it’s art.


This particular model (27″ HDTV-Ready Flat-Panel LCD TV) only costs $1000! What a deal!

…who needs to eat, anyway.

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tigerous /

That’s a really nice TV. We just got a new one recently as well. We bought a 30″ Widescreen HDTV. I love widescreens. Anyway, I actually got it on sale for $500. Definitely a good deal, I have to admit.

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